Ocean Investment

Successful businesses, industries and governments require reliable and expert advice to stay ahead in complex markets.

Ocean markets are characterized by a series of intersecting international regulatory requirements, which in turn contribute to business constraints and uncertainties.

One of the major international policy discussions presently concerns the future uses of ocean resources – whether it’s seabed mining, oil and gas exploration, the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity, fisheries, or shipping and transport.

Understanding how global governance – combined with the political pressures applied by today’s powerful civil society – can impact investments in ocean research, development and new technologies is a minimum requirement for international investors, industries, businesses and governments. Opes Oceani provides that understanding.

We are experienced in the legal and political environment relating to international future oceans use. We keep you ahead of changes to ocean markets and navigate the changing political tides. We impart key knowledge points that investors and businesses need to underwrite their decision-making.