Our People

Gavin CarterPartner, Washington DC, USA

Gavin Carter

Gavin Carter is passionate about the ocean - its resources, secrets and potential for improving global well-being. Gavin has guided businesses, governments and other organizations through global political, public and regulatory issues for more than 25 years. His insights, critical thinking and eye for detail have put him at the forefront of critical decisions in the fields of energy, shipping and marine resources. Gavin has been described as having “a kind face, but [being] like a rock underneath.”

After graduating from Leeds University in Economics and Politics, Gavin worked in the nuclear energy sector before settling in the United States. He has extensive experience in ocean markets and has participated in a myriad of international meetings shaping the use of ocean resources. Gavin has unparalleled organizational and alliance-building skills and has a strong appreciation of multilateralism in global politics and the value of multicultural communications.

Glenn InwoodPartner, Wellington, New Zealand

Glenn Inwood

Glenn has spent the last 2 decades of a successful career helping clients to solve problems in their governance, strategy and communications. Glenn is an experienced fisheries and marine policy adviser and communicator. He has worked on marine and ocean-related issues for more than 20 years in his native New Zealand and internationally. In 2002, he was a founding member of Canberra-based Species Management Specialists, an NGO dedicated to advancing sustainable-use and sustainable-development concepts at various international fora.

Glenn is an effective planner with exceptional organisational skills and the ability to bring together interest groups and individuals to achieve common goals and objectives, through building alliances and lasting relationships. His considerable global experience and outreach helps bring tangible results to private and public sector clients. As one of two partners, Glenn drives Opes Oceani's strategic direction, coordinates research objectives and manages the company’s important relationships. He is an advocate for sustainable development and economic growth.

Paul SeamanSenior Analyst – Europe, Morat / Murten, Switzerland

Paul Seaman

Paul has a background in public relations and entrepreneurship. Over the last thirty years, he has advised C-level executives at some of the world’s leading companies on everything from litigation, mergers and acquisitions to major environmental crises, regulatory challenges and compliance communication. Paul has held senior roles at Ernst & Young and at Weber Shandwick (one of the world’s largest public relations companies), as well as in-house at influential trade associations in the financial and energy sectors.

In the year 2000, Paul co-founded Public Hub Limited, a wireless broadband company, which he led and sold to PCCW, a Hong Kong-based ICT firm. Since that sale in 2004, Paul has worked for a diverse range of clients in Nigeria, Germany, Switzerland and the UK as an analyst and public relations consultant. He also co-founded Zurich Salon (a well-established debating forum), and is editor of 21st Century PR Issues. Today, he is Opes Oceani's lead analyst in Europe.

Jacqueline ClarkeAsesor Principal para Latinoamérica, Panamá, Republica de Panamá

Jacqueline Clarke

Jacqueline Clarke is a former journalist and a graduate in Social Communication from the Universidad Catolica Santa Maria La Antigua in Panama. After satisfying her goal of working in Washington, DC, she decided to leave the United States and apply her international and strategic experience in her homeland.

Jacky worked for the successful presidential campaign of Martin Torrijos and was subsequently appointed to the anti-corruption Secretariat of the Ministry of the Presidency. As a communications and strategy specialist, Jacky has experience across a range of issues in the fields of energy, shipping and marine resources. Jacky leads for Opes Oceani in Latin America.