Our Services

Opes Oceani provides industry-focused services and international outreach for private and public sector clients. Through locations in the USA, New Zealand, Switzerland and Panama – as well as expert advisers and consultants around the world – our services are utilized to facilitate responsible economic development in, under and on the surface of the oceans.

We help businesses maximize their market opportunities by mitigating risk related to asset valuations, legal jeopardy and international regulatory changes. Opes Oceani facilitates the identification and management of economic threats to the sustainable development of ocean resources and provides sound and reliable advice to overcome or mitigate potential risks to business or government objectives.


We collect, monitor, research, develop, analyze, process, interpret, prepare and disseminate a range of information (economic, institutional, international, opinion-focused, etc.) so that those utilizing ocean resources responsibly can take decisions based on the most fully informed and developed consideration of available facts.


Whether solutions require collective efforts or a bi-lateral approach, Opes Oceani offers strategic planning and practical advice to private and public sector clients. We work to build consensus-based solutions within the oceans sector. This may involve agreements between businesses, associations, stakeholders, government agencies or nations. We utilize our global relationships to organize coalitions and build a better understanding around competing or diverging viewpoints.


Through our international conferences, workshops and seminars, we bring together leading experts from around the world whose work supports and advances sustainable and accessible oceans use to cover a wide range of industries and businesses.


We aid the development of best practices in governance and regulation in emerging economies and help build the alliances to advance sustainable development.